Operational guidance, Dissemination and training

The main objective of WP6 is to make the broad field of conservation professionals, industry and owners aware of the project, also involving SMEs in the research, production and marketing of innovative products for the conservation of built heritage. This will be achieved through the development and deployment of an awareness and dissemination plan which will establish by means of web-site, leaflet, newsletters, target audiences and other dissemination actions, like training, workshops and conferences. For a more detailed information about Awareness and Dissemination Plan please see section 3.2.1 of the proposal. This WP includes also training as the most effective mean to disseminate concrete results to any kind of practitioner.

The objectives of WP6 are:
- Operational guidance will be defined to establish the preventive conservation of cultural heritage based on new products and conceptions
- the guidance will be considered the base for the most suitable regulation on allowable technologies and products
- to do a larger dissemination of the new products, their characteristics and improvements respect to the past. 
- Construction of a dissemination plan
- To do training devoted to the end users that need to know propertied, production and application methodologies

Subprogramme Area: Development of advanced compatible materials and techniques and their application for the protection, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage assets
Contract type: SP1-Cooperation. Collaborative project. Small or medium-scale focused research project. FP7-ENV-NMP.2011.3.2.1-1
Grant Agreement No. 283182
Duration: November 2011 - October 2014




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