The Historical Monuments Research Laboratory (LRMH) is a national public laboratory which is part of the Architecture and Heritage department of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. The LRMH main mission is to carry out studies on buildings and artefacts listed as "Historical Monuments" working directly with the conservation authorities, architects, curators and conservators as counsel during preliminary studies, conservation interventions or general scientific surveys.

The LRMH is also very active in carrying out research to improve the knowledge of the main materials of the built heritage (stone, stained glass, metal, concrete, textile, wood, mural paintings and rock art), to better understand the deterioration mechanisms and their causes, to improve conservation treatments for monuments and artefacts as well as indoor and outdoor environmental conservation conditions.

The Heritage partner circle (CPP) is a non-profit organization, closely linked to the LRMH and located in the same premises, which allows to mobilize financial resources, but also all the necessary scientific and technological research skills around specific, time-limited, conservation science projects. In particular, the Heritage partner circle is heavily involved in projects supported by the French national research agency and the European commission. Since its creation in 1993, the CPP has been involved in more than 35 projects including 12 European projects which lead to the production of more than 100 scientific reports and publications.

Activities performed by CPP-LRMH in the Nanomatch project until May 2013

In NANOMATCH, CPP-LRMH is coordinating all the laboratory testing of the new consolidant products (Work Package 3), while being directly involved in the experimental testing of all the different materials: stone, stone-like (mortar and wall painting), wood and glass.
The CPP-LRMH is most involved with the stone and stone-like materials. It has been directly involved in the selection, preparation and treatments of all the stone and stone-like samples for both laboratory testing (WP3) and site testing (WP4). It is the leader of the stone laboratory tests (WP3) and the lone partner in charge of all laboratory and site tests on wall painting samples (WP3 and WP4). It is also carrying out all the biocide testing on stone and stone-like materials.

Subprogramme Area: Development of advanced compatible materials and techniques and their application for the protection, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage assets
Contract type: SP1-Cooperation. Collaborative project. Small or medium-scale focused research project. FP7-ENV-NMP.2011.3.2.1-1
Grant Agreement No. 283182
Duration: November 2011 - October 2014




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