The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is the leading organisation for applied research in Europe, undertaking contract research with industry, the service sector and the government. Founded in 1949, the research organization undertakes applied research that drives economic development and serves the wider benefit of society. Its services are solicited by customers and contractual partners in industry, the service sector and public administration. At present, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft maintains more than 80 research units in Germany, including 59 Fraunhofer Institutes. Fraunhofer is partner in the German Research Alliance for the Protection of Cultural Heritage founded in October 2008 consisting of Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, the Leibniz Association and the Foundation for Prussian Cultural Property including further associated partners like MPA Stuttgart and BAM Berlin. Fraunhofer Institut für Silicatforschung (ISC), Bronnbach.

Fraunhofer ISC is specialised in material research. Since 1986 ISC has been involved in research projects dealing with the conservation and restoration of cultural heritage mainly dealing with glass, metal, stone, ceramics and enamels.

In the framework of the NANOMATCH-project, Fraunhofer is involved in every Workpackage, focussing on the topic "glass consolidation". Fraunhofer will be the leader of task 2.4 dedicated to the improvement of the glass-in-glass consolidant A18, and will also lead task 3.4 to evaluate its performance at lab scale. The group will be the leader of WP6 and related tasks 6.1 and 6.3, where it will co-organize training workshops and conferences for the dissemination of the NANOMATCH results. The specific actions of this group will avoid any overlapping with the activities of other groups.

Sample praparation in laboarytory for IR-ATR measurements (Copyright: Fraunhofer-ISC).
IR-ATR measurements for characterisation of A18 during ageing (Copyright: Fraunhofer-ISC).

Subprogramme Area: Development of advanced compatible materials and techniques and their application for the protection, conservation and restoration of cultural heritage assets
Contract type: SP1-Cooperation. Collaborative project. Small or medium-scale focused research project. FP7-ENV-NMP.2011.3.2.1-1
Grant Agreement No. 283182
Duration: November 2011 - October 2014




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